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The Pearman affidavit averred that the deponent was an employee of Microsoft charged with the responsibility to oversee software anti-piracy enforcement.The deponent did not, however, state under what authority she was swearing the affidavit.He did not depone to having the authority of the Corporation to swear the affidavit.The defendants raised preliminary objections to the effect that both affidavits were incompetent and should be struck out together with the entire suit.It was started by modeling three therapists who had gotten extraordinary results in growth and personal change: Dr.Milton Erickson (MD, father of modern hypnosis and NLP), Virginia Satyr (family therapy expert) and Fritz Pearls (Gestalt Therapy).Africa still is the continent with the most ‘white spots,’ places without internet or mobile phone signal, and this holds a great promise for Africans and for the global technology companies that aim to enlarge their markets.

This pilot is part of Microsoft’s broader 4Afrika Initiative (see ), to help improve the continent’s global competitiveness.

This program observes how Africa is getting connected and features prominent experts examining these developments such as; Achille Mbembe (philosopher), Juliana Rotich (i Hub Nairobi), Robert Mica (Outernet), Bob Collymore (Safaricom CEO), Isis Nyong’o (former director, Google Africa) and Louis Otieno (Microsoft4Afrika).

The people who live in the Parkhurst area of Johannesburg already have the fastest internet connection in the world because they want to organize their street’s security with very accurate HD cameras. Some of them are developing an app that makes crowd information about public transport accessible.

To date, work in this space in Africa has exclusively focused on demonstrating the technical feasibility of using TV white space technology.

Before Careen Chepchumba died, she allegedly wrote Louis Otieno but it is highly unlikely that justice will happen any time soon for any of them.

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Radio signals in the TV bands travel over longer distances and penetrate more obstacles than other types of radio signals and, therefore, require fewer base stations to provide ubiquitous coverage.

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