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Using odbc_fetch_into() is becoming tiresome when it had to be changed in php version 4.0.5, 4.0.6 and 4.2.x.

Set nocount on create table #tmp (Database Name sysname, Collation Name sysname) insert into #tmp (Database Name, Collation Name) EXEC sp_MSFor Each DB 'select ''? Here are tips and tricks on how to change the collation if you need to.For wide tables, such as those commonly found in data warehouses, columnstore indexes come in handy as you essentially reduce the amount and size of data needed to be accessed for any given query.For example, consider the following query: A column-store index is more efficient for this example because only one smaller-sized (compressed) data page is needed to satisfy the query.Performance advantages in columnstore indexes are possible by leveraging the Verti Paq compression technology, which enables large amounts of data to be compressed in-memory.This in-memory compressed store reduces the number of disk reads and increases buffer cache hit ratios because only the smaller column-based data pages that need to satisfy a query are moved into memory.

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This new type of index stores data column-wise instead of row-wise, as indexes currently do.

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