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I would love to do something abroad but now I have 4 children at home who need me I am much more ‘home based’ than I would have been in the past.

As the property markets have changed over the years, do you find yourself avoiding projects now that you would have taken on a few years ago?

The earlier TV shows were largely focussed toward the public and dealt with the common aspects of buying, selling and renovating property in the UK – are there or has there been any plans to replicate the formats with property abroad?

The production company that made Property Ladder did sell it into America with another presenter, but for one reason or another it didn’t really take off.

Television host best known for hosting property-themed shows like "Property Ladder" and "Help!

My House is Falling Down." She has also made appearances on shows like "Fifth Gear" and "The F-Word." She worked for the charity organization Save the Children.

They are selective about their members and precise with their matches, so it’s easier to find someone you’ll click with. Doing Something’s approach to online dating is different.

Rather than promising you love, they encourage you to meet someone over a game of ping pong, or at a pop up restaurant, or at a murder mystery game.

The Single Solution offers dating services and arrange weekly events for different age groups.We had a building company for about 10 years before the TV came along. Having said that, had I known about it I think I’d have really loved to work in the production of TV shows when I was much younger, as it’s a really interesting sector.Although, I wouldn’t have missed out the building either so perhaps I’m glad I didn’t get the choice!In real life, you often meet dates through friends of friends, where people have already been ‘verified’ or ‘approved’ by someone in your social network.However, meeting 'the right' person this way can be challenging, as there are only so many people one gets exposed to through work, yoga, sports, parties, etc.

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Sarah Beeny, the founder of My Single Friend (who btw also loved playing matchmaker among her friends) wanted to make this process of meeting people that had already been ‘verified’ or ‘approved’, easier and more efficient.

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