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Apple i Cal is a very neat calendaring application. I have run a little investigation on how to resolve the problem, and I'd like to share my finding with you. Send me a cheque for the idea if it works out well. Check out what Google suggests in the right pane, they may have found a better solution elsewhere. PS: I just have found that Boeing claim they have implemented an Exchange connector for Cal DAV.

Though, it is not compatible with Microsoft Exchange server our University uses. If you run Entourage (which is written in the ancient language of Power PC) on you shiny new Intel Mac, you use a translator with a Rosetta Stone (go and find what it is in Wikipedia, it is interesting). Make it cheap, like -, and you will sell a ton of copies. Please, share your experiences and ideas in the comments.

They are much easier to understand, you can have multiple sources, including i Tunes and over-the-air exchange, Cal DAV, and ICS.Note that Outlook also lets you flag events in other ways not related to multiple calendars: With arbitrary color tags tenuously assigned to categories, as private, and as busy/free/etc. I configured a number of appointments in Outlook to test this out (see above) and watched what they looked like in the i Phone (see at right) and Entourage: assigned to them in Outlook and Entourage but the i Phone doesn’t use them.Instead it uses the more obnoxious (see below) multiple-calendar support to confuse us all. So, I went on went on with my investigation Solution 3: Use open standards! Oh, if you are powerful enough, you can save yourself quite a buck by not using Exchange at all! Best program you can buy for your Mac, and just for a year. I do not want even a potential breach of my privacy. Solution 5: Use Outlook Web Access This is a web application to access your mail and calendars on the Exchange servers. I have tried these: The main problem with these is that I do not want my calendars to be hosted somewhere else.

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I figured that the device couldn’t handle more than one calendar, since syncing to Exchange meant you lost all other calendars.

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