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Friends Having Drinks " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" We’d been chatting for a couple months at this point, so I figured might as well. I actually went on a date last week with an actual clown (and Charlie Chaplin impersonator). LOL To be honest, I’d been somewhat hesitant to meet this guy (Argentinian-Italian mix) as there was something about his manner that put me off a bit.

Therefore I opted to venture a few towns south of where I live where we could meet by the water and hang out.Eventually I lost track of Jeff, that is, until I found him making out with Genny in a dark corner. Angry I ran around the room looking for Kevin and upon finding him prepared to make out with him.But just as I got ready to do so he pushed me away and I drunkenly fell down in front of a crowd of disbelieving family and friends who had only witnessed my spectacle and not that of the bride-to-be and Jeff.Once he’d arrived, we’d decided to head to the pub across the street (since none of the coffee shops in that area are open past 5pm).. And I got the feeling he was a bit critical of those who do, even if he never came out and said so. and I found myself being drawn to him physically, even though I didn’t necessarily find him that attractive.And the farmer-joe cover-alls he’d shown up in didn’t help any either.

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