Dating the oldest new testament manuscripts by peter van minnen

The Bible was what was being read and copied in the Christian Middle Ages and it is no surprise that more manuscripts of it survive.Other ancient texts were neglected and took a back seat to the biblical manuscripts, which accounts for there being fewer copies.A fuller, and probably older, version of the text is found in two Ethiopic manuscripts (P and T). Cairo 10759 with transcriptions and images of the Bodleian and Rainer fragments in an appendix). “Reste der Petrusapokalypse.” Pages 84–88 (text), 188–192 (translation) in . While are cast as Jesus’ prophetic description of future punishment and reward. There are more than 600 Greek manuscripts ranging in date from the 9th century to the 18th century included in the British Library's Digitised Manuscripts site.

A further comment by way of introduction and orientation may be appropriate. For a recent plate and discussion (following new conservation work), see R. Similar punishments are arranged for usurers, child-killers, idolaters, sorcerers, and others. “Fragments du texte grec du livre d’Énoch et de quelques écrits attribués à saint Pierre.” Pages 93–147 in . Christ also describes the blessed existence of the righteous, though with little detail. The Ethiopic text begins on the Mount of Olives, where Christ reveals to Peter that at his coming he will “judge the quick and the dead and recompense every man according to his works.” There follows a vision of hell and the punishments of sinners. Punishments are doled out “in kind”—blasphemers, for instance, are hung over fire by their tongues; female fornicators are hung by their hair and their male companions are strung up by their loins; and murderers are tormented by beasts in the presence of those whose lives they took.

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