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Dr Wi said antibiotics could lead to bacteria in the back of the throat, including relatives of gonorrhoea, developing resistance.

The sexually transmitted infection is rapidly developing resistance to antibiotics. Gonorrhoea can infect the genitals, rectum and throat, but it is the last that is most concerning health officials. HSV-1 usually manifests itself as cold sores on or around the mouth. It usually manifests itself as open sores on or around the genitals. These are also known as oral herpes and genital herpes.On the face page (the one you first see) it had a link for a article stating that about two-thirds of all syphilis cases in this country are found in male perverts (or,as they're classified,"men who have sex with men").I'd wager everything I own that this new for of Gonorrhea is also found largely in male perverts..represent around 1% of the population.

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